Tuesday, June 17, 2008

...The journey...

Its fun sometimes to not know where you are going....I like the idea of wandering into the unknown...exploring aimlessly and just seeing whats ahead...

I strongly believe that your journey shouldn't just be a means to an end...because you will reach your destination anyways...it might take longer or shorter the time...but its the road you walked on that you will remember...and not the place you reached...

I do it a lot...sometimes when i have to go some place....i would just start walking....looking around...getting into the small mysterious lanes...
Of course after a point....you can always ask someone where is the place you are looking for...and there you are...You reached the place you wanted to go...and you also had FUN!

Life shouldn't always be a means to an end...I choose to take the road less traveled...I dont say that life has given me everything i wanted...but i will get it someday...and i might be frustrated i have not got it still...but i know atleast that the ride was a lifetimes experience!

Think about it...

Let's go out and have some fun.
It doesn't matter where or when,
Or what we say or what we do,
As long as it's just me and you.

Let's be together for a while
And get to know each other well,
Exchanging jokes and tales and chatter
Before we get to things that matter.

Let's see what happens when we dance
Across an evening sky, and glimpse
Below the stirrings of a sea
That might--or not--wind-haunted be.

-- Gordon
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