Sunday, March 17, 2013

I want to write...

I miss writing. Dont be confused. I meant actually writing down, with a pen and paper, instead of hearing the clicking sound of the keyboard and the letters appearing on screen in fixed fonts.

I dont know about you but I realised in a business meeting the other day, when I was taking notes, that I really really love carving letters on paper and making words into sentences. Its like creating something in your mind onto to paper. We dont give it the thought and the importance it deserves.

I think it just reminds me of childhood. When pen and paper and words where all we had. Beautiful typography and endless thoughts getting engraved on that paper. The virtual and technological typing has made me loose that essence of writing.

I still remember the diaries we used to maintain. I still have some of them. A glance at those pages, everyday posts and writings....the hand writing depicts the mood you were in...what you felt ; pen and paper has that power to take you back to that moment. Something that this blog can try but never achieve...atleast not to that level of reality.

Reality. Now thats an interesting topic.