Monday, July 15, 2013

an update on life...and about being married.

I realized today that I am not giving time to the things that I love. And I give it an excuse that there are a lot of things happening in my life. Yes, there are.

But today on my way back home I decided that I would try....try my best to bring back the things that I loved to do...things which I still love to

And hence this random blog after a long time.

Its true what people say. You can be pulled down by others only till the level you allow people to pull you down.  The problem is that all our life we are asked to be tolerant, and that acts as our enemy when we grow up. We are told by others of we are do is right or wrong and our every action needs an approval. And that carries to our work lives later.
Sit down and think for a while. Is that really needed? Does someone's Yes or No in what you do really change anything. It may satisfy some egos but will not get YOU anywhere in the long run. All you will do after a while is running around....chasing egos.

Somewhere this has to stop. Somewhere you have to realize that you are better than all this. And there is value to what you are outside of the approval closet that you have made.

"The World as we have created is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking"

~ Albert Einstein

On other things... 
People ask me how is it to be married. 
Tricky question. But I will be honest...
Its great.

All the apprehensions that you carry before entering this "life-changing" journey suddenly flush away once you actually go ahead and do it.
Yes. I do think that it largely has to do with the partner you get, but I will still maintain...
You know what kind of a relationship you will have with that person in the long run within the first few moments that you meet the person the first time.
You know it just then, and that never ever changes.

So in short, for this update, its great to have someone to can get used to, someone you desperately wait to meet in the evenings, and someone you want to talk to through the night.

One of my mentors told me this --> "Marriage is a turning point. It changes the way you think. After that point, you start caring more about others, your close ones, than yourself."

Go ahead, make a decision. It surely changes your life.