Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I am sorry for the long absense...
I hav my exams comin up and hence wont be bloggin much for a few days...
So till then...The bloggin server here is down...and my world for you has paused!

Give me all the luck you can spare...I NEED IT ALL!! :-)

Well...i thot i wud end the post here...but i would like to add some notes i made some while ago in this post as well..these dont sum up to anything...but i hardly hav anything else to write...

I am going to sue Hrithik Roshan!! Damn...he copied my hairstyle for his new John Players ad!!

7 women and just one guy in a waiting room....talk abt boredome to its max!!

Some ppl in your life are so perfectly placed! its like....it was meant to be for us to be freinds...
Sometimes...you wonder...what made us soo good friends??

You wait for that one look the whole day....that you miss a hundred others!

So much to study and soo little time! [y is it always this way and not the other way round? :-D]

Others have all the LUCK!

I cant bear her for more than 5 mins of talk...but shes a very good friend!

Some professors are soo sweet...and some are soo irritating that you feel like slappin them the moment you see them...

I have nothin to prove to anyone except myself!

If evrythin in this world is "fated" and "decided"....i would very much like to change it....and change it NOW!!

All it takes is just one compliment to bring an instant smile on your face!

Thers nothin like seeing a smile on your Mom's face...

I wanna cross atleast 70% this time!