Saturday, January 27, 2018

Update - Live a little more, care a little less.

This is interesting...blogging has become so deserted these days. I was thinking the other day that I dont write anymore which led me to check out other blogs, some interesting people I used to follow on blogger. I even remember waiting on some of these blogs where I used to wait for fresh updates, perspectives and learnings. Sadly now these "bloggers" (including me) have become twiterratis and long deep blogs have been cut down to strong opinions expressed in 280 character tweets.

I do miss writing though, looking at the day gone by and making things "profound" enough for the the world to read.

On a completely unrelated note to the above and just to jot down some updates where I last left this blog, I decided to pen down something.

Life has moved.

I feel more responsible now,always something or the other running through my head, almost pressured to achieve what you set out for when you started.Its funny that I always imagined how I would be at late 30 something and I am equally amused that even though its nothing like I imagined, I can now definitely relate to a lot of things you expect when you get to this age - the responsibilities and expectations Life has from you around this time, my friends, are "killing",to say the least.

 Dont get me wrong, Life right now is not all bad - it has its fun moments, success and high points, friendships you can count on and family whom you feel most close to at this age. But yea...there is always that slight tinge of a feeling that keeps asking - if given a chance wont you want to go back to the old times and your younger self? Live a little more, care a little less.