Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flowers...and a moment passed.

The car window is shut. The AC is blowing with full force. Music soothing her ears. Pleasant ride.
She stopped at the signal. The car was shining bright in the sun..almost repelling the heat. <br>
She looked around...trying to catch a glimpse of life while the light turned green for her to march ahead. She loved the roar her car gave when it moved from the race ahead. She hoped the light to turn greener sooner.
Red roses. A girl carrying a bunch of them passed by her window. The girl flashed the bunch to her...trying her best to tempt her to buy them.
One look at the flowers. Time stalls. She turns her head the other way...trying her best to ignore the temptation.
10 seconds pass and she hears a knock at her window again. A man smiles at her gently knocking the window.
She pulls down the window...
The man pulls the bunch of flowers he is hiding behind him and offers it to her.
She smiles.
"Im sorry...what is this?", she asks still trying to control her smile.
The man smiles back.
" I dont know you Madam. But when I saw the girl offering you flowers...jst felt you should have it. I bought them to make the girls first sale of the day. It made her day.
They might make your day please have it."
She stared blank at the mans stupidity.
"I dont know you Madam.(he repeated...almost adding a poetic effect) I might never see you again. That enough is a reason to appreciate this moment that would never come again and live life to the fullest."
He put the bunch of flowers on the dashboard while the girl still tried to digest what was happening. Such random acts of cordial kindness was not heard of in todays world. Almost seemed a scam.
But maybe...just maybe...the guy was a person who appreciates the beauty of life...of the who would help you create memories..memories that would last with you forever. Just may be.
She tried to snap out of the thoughts.
The man had walked away. The moment had passed. A memory made. Random...but still an unforgetable memory.
"When Life gives you a
 You will definitely regret not moving your feet when you are older."