Friday, November 30, 2012


So you sit in your cubicle and look at holidays say to yourself “That was one hell of a holiday I had...I should definitely write about it!”
That thing...yes that very thing...that makes you...umm...rather forces you to sit and write down your memory is what I think every human looks for. Thats peace.

I think the care free trip to Himachal was one of the best unthought-of-decision I have taken in the past few years.
Strange think you will write pages and pages about it...your experiences...your memories...your journey...the time you had and the friends you made...but when it actually comes down to writing it seems too precious to jot down...

“Where do I start...what do I include...what do I leave out...”

I think when an awesome holiday like that does this to you...Its better to leave it at that.
Anything more, anything less...will just spoil it.

So yes. Thank you Abhishek and Arvind for the awesome trip.