Thursday, June 05, 2008

Notting Hill...rains...june...and Andrea...!

I have never seen Notting Hill one go..always wanted to see it from start to end with a nice mood and timing...and with some perfect company...the moment never really came...

So today i was browsing through my list of cds and found it..
...and so i lay on me bed...with the amazing and perfect company of my pillow and watched the movie start to finish!

I simply love the scene at the garden...
: [after hitting his shin on a fence while climbing over it] Now what in the world in this garden could make that ordeal worthwhile?
[Anna kisses him]
William: Nice garden.

Anna Scott: "For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her." Some people do spend their whole lives together.
(Anna sits on the bench...William walks away....)
Anna Scott: Come here....sit with me...

So it finally rained today...and i was dancing in public on the railway station hooked to my music...and im simply loving it!!!
June always makes me happy somehow....
I have a lot of memories of the rains....GOOD and has always been fun and a learning phase...thats why i feel that this month will never let me down somehow...

I just feel that...and i know its foolish...this month showers lots of gifts to me...and when it rains...i just feel that somewhere...another gift is on its way...that Life is not that bad after all...and there is someone to take care of you...

Was looking out of my window...enjoyin the rain..and listening to Andrea Corr...what an amazing song...makes soo much sense!

By The Corrs

I haven´t slept at all in days
It´s been so long since we have talked
And I have been here many times
I just don´t know what i´m doing wrong

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

There´s only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better
If I don´t try and I don´t hope


No more waiting, no more aching
No more fighting, no more trying...

Maybe there´s nothing more to say
And in a funny way I´m calm
Because the power is not mine
I´m just going to let it fly...
Love me...

I love THE CORRS....undoubtedly my favourite band...especially Andrea...she is one beautiful babe who can also play and sing!
I will die for a gal who can play an instrument...or if some one sings to me...its like any guys dream come true...!!!!
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