Sunday, December 02, 2012

Featured Quotes on Twitter (@prasad84)

@thequote: #ff @prasad84 Sometimes one song helps you realize what a thousand thoughts did not. - Prasad Narulkar

@thequote:#ff @prasad84 Be the most positive person you know. Remember that and put it on repeat mode in your brains playlist. - Prasad Narulkar

@thequote:#ff @prasad84 No matter the outcome of a battle, there is always a new one to fight. Learn to let go. - Prasad Narulkar

@thequote: #ff @prasad84 In life, whatever you do, always remember to find time for yourself. - Prasad Narulkar

@thequote: #ff @prasad84 There are moments when you want to give up, the decisions at these exact moments define you. - Prasad Narulkar

@thequote: #ff @prasad84 Everyone has an opinion, few have a reason. - Prasad Narulkar

Let it go.Just let it go.Not every pitch is a potential sale.- Prasad Narulkar #LifeLessons