Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A post long overdue i knw...

Din get time to write down the thots...Lets keep it to pts and a cute pic this time...

  • Found this pic on a mail...and its the cutest i hav ever seen!!!!
  • Felt bad for a friend who had to wait at office on his gf-bf anniversary they say..."Work comes first!" wat crap!! :-(
  • At a random conversation i revealed two of my favorite names for gals...ALIFFIA and ppl....don even think of copyin these...i mite just copyright them in a few days!! LOL...i wonder wat the copyrite wud b like.... "THESE NAMES ARE A SOLE PROPERTY OF PRASAD.ANY MISUSE WILL LEAD TO COURT ACTION" LOLzzzz
  • Am in search of something these days...don exactly know wat it is...but it has to be somethin to flaunt about and one which makes me smile evry now n then...
  • 4th April CET results....NO FURTHER COMMENTS!!!
Thats all for now....catch ya soon....!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Maybe someday...

Maybe someday my dreams will come true
and finally in life, I'll know exactly what to do.
Maybe someday I'll find my soulmate
and finally learn the wonders of not needing to hate.
Maybe someday life will go perfectly right
and with no problems, I'll be able to sleep at night.
Maybe someday I'll have children, 5 years apart,
and finally be able to mend the hole in my broken heart.
Maybe someday I'll be 6'2, the perfect height
and I'll be able to fly, my soul on a kite.
Maybe someday, I'll really fall in love
and maybe, with good deeds, I'll reach the angels above.
Maybe someday I'll find a true best friend
and I'll learn that some loves can never end.
Maybe someday, everything I've ever wished for will come true,
but will I truly be happy, will I know what to do?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have been in a good mood lately...if not gr8...
The positive streak that has come in my life is doing wonders for me i think...
I have now started appreciating the "smaller"...more important things in life...
Its almost like being in love...

The new job at Godrej & Boyce Ltd is gr8...just love being in the office and spending time with my colleagues...wherever i move on...I will never ever forget this phase of life...ever!!!

(LoL..Caught unawares at work...!!)

I hav this poem a friend wrote on my testimonial at Orkut...Its simple...but worth reading...

A friend needs to know
No matter how far apart
That they always will
Have a place in your heart

A friend needs to know
Just how much you care
And they need to know
You'll always be there

A friend needs to know
They have your love and trust
And they need your respect
Like a pie needs a crust

A friend needs to know
That they have your ear
Should they need to talk
To ease their burdens or fear

A friend needs to know
That you have their back
Should they fall in a slump
You will help pull up the slack

A friend needs to know
Through good times and bad
That you'll be there for them
To cheer them up and make them glad

I'M So Happy To Call You My Friend...

On other things....well...
On 9th of Feb occurred a gr8 coincidence...details...will tell ya some other time..
Else..nothin much is happening...
have been taking things as they come...and not expecting much from anyone and anything....
Eagerly waitin for the mba results too...
Lets see wher life goes...
Don worry...ill keep you informed..