Thursday, May 28, 2009

ZooZoo Dumb

So we live in the "ZooZoo" world now...and apparently everyone is talking about the new Vodafone ads that O&M has craftily done...wiping out the "pug" campaign altogether...sheer work of genius...must say...

What surprises me is that every success story has something or the other going wrong with it...As they say...nothing can be always leave some gaps...

The company got a PETA award it seems for removing the dog off the campaign and introducing the new characters...I dont see the point in this story...when PETA says that some of the dogs where abandoned after the "fad" for these pugs went out...and they would like to thank Vodafone for completely removing the ads and spreading the message that there are alternative ways to make advertisements without using animals (As if we dint know that...!)
Plus...with the "pug" ads out...wont ALL the dogs be abandoned now since the fad is completely off ????

How senseless can these people be...just trying to cash in on the campaigns' success and trying to get some attention!

Now..let me tell you...I love Vodafone...have been using its service since the "MaxTouch Orange" days...and i simply adore the brand..(admit has class!)

But with steps like these...they are really not doing all that good a job...

I recieved a message from Vodafone today...and it went on like this...

"FREE STD!! Now get 49 mins of STD to any phone in the country absolutely free for a monthly rental of only Rs.49. To activate sms ACT 49 to 111(tollfree)."

Now...when my STD rate is Re. 1 dumb can you be to activate this service????
Dont they think twice before sending such offers to customers?
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