Friday, February 20, 2009

A nice change

I hope you never know how hard it is to
Hard it is to wait...
Hey beautiful, I seen you comin'
oh no you don't walk away from me
Hey beautiful
Hey, hey, hey beautiful

Gotta walk, gotta list
Gotta hall of fame
I got an asterisk next to your name
Grab a cup, drink it up
Make a battle plan
Are we ever up to the task,
to the task at hand?

Hey beautiful, I seen you comin'
oh no you don't walk away from me
Hey beautiful

So i have officially moved to a new room..and that for me certifies that my brother is now officially married...
I thinking weddings are fun...but they also scare me a bit...the way things run during the days to the final wedding day are really really strange...its as if you miss one small thing...its plain disaster!!
and that scares me...wonder how people manage the pressure...
But yes..I now have this strong urge to get into a relationship...i guess weddings do that to you...

But somewhere i also think it comes naturally...when you know you are finally ready to commit...

Moving you 'mess' from one room to another is not fun at all... are used to things the way they are...however messy the room have the confidence you will find what you that huge pile of books,clothes and god knows what not!

Well...on the positive finally get a chance to remove unwanted things and set afresh your new cupboard (And you would be surprised how much stuff you DONT need in your cupboard!)

I dont really know how and where these past few days went...but i think i enjoyed it...not thinkin much...having something or the other to keep me busy...

I am waiting for things to roll now...getting a feeling that the change which comes now...will do only good and nothing else..! And I like the positive vibe....

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.
True story, so suit up!
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