Friday, March 04, 2005


I was sittin in my class...almost asleep [The lectures are really boring...they always the profs arent babes either!! ;-D] wen i heard the tinglin sound...
Some gal had entered the class (Dont ask me who...the gals in my class are not worth lookin at...)
I am stressin on the SOUND not the gal here [wow...this is new :-D]
It was a small bell attached to her bag that was makin the was soooooo damn CUTE!!!!

I hav always loved these things...I hav always wanted to giv one to someone....They r like the cheapest and the most purrfect gifts!!!!

No....i am not advertising these bells or anything....The point i am tryin to make is...
DAMN IT....I am like the best BF a gal cud hav!!! i mean...who else wud think the tingling sound which disturbs evryone evrytime the damn bag moves even a little as CUTE!!!!
Plzz someone come and ask me to buy a bell !!!
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