Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Away from life and love...

Life has suddenly become slow these days....
Had taken a break with friends...freaked out in Goa...and had a really good time...

When you are on a vacation...you are just away from this world...
away from all worries and tensions...thats what vacations are for afterall...arent they??

I dunno how many of you hav tried this...
But try listenin to the waves of the sea sometime...just look at it come crashin to the shore...

(This is a pic i took in Goa...its totally "untampered"...yess....the BLUES are real...look at the beauty of nature!)

Suddenly...a song of the sea starts playin in your mind...and you loose track of everythin around you...the "loneliness" is divine....

It is cold today
Indeed the rain is falling and I am alone.
Thoughts of life and love,
meaningless to anyone but myself.
I am alone.
They watch me, their eyes not knowing,
knowing nothing of what they see.
I am but another creature, alone.
They scurry on the surface, unaware,
unaware of the life below
when you are alone.

Loneliness, not a burden nor a sorrow,
but a time of solace, of deepness
never to be shared, never to be understood.
They can never reach the place where I am
And I know I will never reach the place where they are.
I know I don't want to reach that place.
True happiness is here, unmisted.
Unmisted by smiles or laughter,
unmisted by the joys of company.

To find true happiness,
to know if one is truly happy,
he must be happy alone.
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