Sunday, September 04, 2016

Walk ahead.

No matter what can't stop time. You have to move. As I look back at the last few months, I realise that maybe some things in life you need to just accept as is and then look ahead. The reality of life is that some questions don't have answers. Some things that happened to you were meant to in that exact sequence and maybe ended to make way for larger, more happier and fruitful things in life.
I miss my mom. There is nothing that can fill in the void that her loss has put in my heart and I have to live with some unanswered questions - why she was taken away so early and seemingly before she could have lived a fuller life,why her, why not someone else, is  cancer really that random?

I may seem like I am not trying to find the answers to unanswered questions going ahead in life but know this...this has changed me a bit. Change, hopefully is good, as they say.
It better be.
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