Saturday, December 02, 2006

...about priorities...

I cant help but think how things have changed after i have completed my engineering.
I have no idea where life is taking...and thinking abt it and trying to sort things out only baffles me more.
I spoke to her today...and i instantly felt the "change".
Its not the same.
The distance could kill evrything and i have no control over it i guess...maybe cause thats how it is supposed to be.
But yes...its not the same.She maybe just a phone call away...but priorities have changed...maybe for both of us.
And honestly...i have no courage to discuss things...and thats because i myself am not sure about what i want!

I look at the people around me at my work place.And i have come to learn a lot of things about "living" life from them.I still cant digest the fact about how someone can run his family with Rs 6000 per month...and still be content abt it and enjoy his life...
I try to find out then....why am i not satisfied with my pay package...the best the industry gives for a fresher....abt 4 times more than most experienced contracters i am handling...and why cant i do something abt such nice them mayb...
I have heard life is unfair...but what decides the level of unfairness???

Yes...i am learning a lot about life these days...just that...there isnt any inference to things...atleast not till now....
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