Sunday, September 09, 2018

Old pictures and the past.

I live in the past. I always have.
I feel its the past that keeps us sane - you look back at the things you did, right and wrong, at the moments that made you who you are, at the decisions that took you to where you are now.
That's why I treasure photos - they are a story of your life. People often ask me why I keep taking pictures every now and then...I get it - live the moment than waste it taking pictures...but keeping a memory of good times is equally important. Yes, your photos are mostly your good times, but isn't that what life is about...a story weaved out of happy moments?
Today afternoon was spent looking at old memories... I cant tell you how thankful I am for these pictures!
Preserve your old albums please. Go through them when you have the time. They mean so much, especially when you have lost a loved one.
I guarantee it will bring you peace.

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