Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mumbai. What has happened to you?

Bloody mess everywhere... people,  people and more people. Crowd, crowd and even more crowd. 

Before you judge my rants.. let me give you a context and background for reference.
I have been born and brought up in this city and come from a working middle class grown over the years to the so called and nominated "upper-middle class" household in Mumbai. I have seen this city for over 30 years and have lived each day breathing the air here. My parents have always found an attachment to this city, knowingly so, because this is the city that fulfilled their dreams and has accommodated them, taught them, gave them opportunities as also consoled them in times of distress. They have been so attached to this city that even though we primarily hail from Goa, I was always asked to look for opportunities in Mumbai and advised to get myself educated here and make a career staying in Mumbai. While they weren't against me moving out, for them it was "Where else will you get what Mumbai has to offer? Everything best that you need is here... Education... Job...Bollywood... opportunity... its all here!" And honestly, growing up I could relate to that... why go somewhere else when all you need is here... closer to home... closer to family. 

But I feel that over the years, we have stretched the rubber more than we should have. We are somewhere taking this city for granted and our ignorance has cost us dearly. Look around you, is this what you really imagined living in?

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