Sunday, February 03, 2013

Who decided?

I was whiling away time today...and was thinking about the old days...a look back at the days when I was younger...and how different the things were. Priorities were scarce...all that was on the mind was the homework and the exams coming up...or far most the ways of hiding your cheats and pranks from parents and teachers...
Yes...some of us romantics had the hearts melted by school or tuition love stories...and those floury  dream sequences of how perfect life is...
The point of this post however (...and I assure you this), is NOT the memory lane.

Ever thought how MONEY as a point of concern did not cross our minds until we finally graduated and were asked to search jobs to gain "experience" and build our careers. That is the point when most of realised the said importance of those notes and currencies.

I took out a Rs 1000 note from my wallet today...and stared at it aimlessly. As I looked at the crisp piece of paper...I started conversing with it as if it were an entity capable of replying my questions...
"Who decided you should be of value?"
I looked at it for seconds....and went on...
" Who decided that you, a piece of paper, be given so much of importance? When mankind said that whoever owns more pieces of paper would be richer, why did everyone agree?
I remember reading about the "Tulip Mania" which occurred in the 16th century where the flowers were used as tools of speculation and almost replaced currency and gold.
Doesnt it sound crazy? All of us humans running after something that in reality has no value...but is forced 'value' upon.
Its like me deciding "I am God" and the rest of the world starts following that as a rule, almost blindly!

Everything seems meaningless when you look at it from this point of view doesnt it?
If mankind has equal right of life on this planet then why is the so called "wealth"  not equally divided among all?
I wont say it would be an easier choice...but it would level the ground for starters..."

I know the thought has an endless and aimless end....but I cant help wondering the consequences (wont say benefits...because I am sure there are flaws here too) of a level field for entire mankind...and where there is no concept of money...everyone is obliged and worried only about utilising the resources this planet offers in a economical manner.

Why should you be asked to dream of becoming "rich" ? 
Shouldn't the dream be living , enjoying the gift of life instead?

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