Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To the next page...

I think the standard line for the start of any of my posts should be "I was wanting to write since many days..." or "I am writing this down after soo many days..."

Time just flies. One moment you are shit scared about the decisions you are supposed to make...and the other moment...they have already happened. Life moves.

Past 2-3 months have been amazing...If I would ever want to stop time...go back and analyse it, I would.
Sadly Life doesnt give you a rewind button. Just a will to live the decisions you have made.
Sometimes its just best that Life passes you by. Swooossshhh.
You  can think later. Right now....just live.

A friend gone...a friend made...a friend remembered. Its all happened.

I have been nervous about the new things hitting my life in the past few days...but I like to believe things happen for good...and that new experiences, both professionally and personally, will only add to my dreams.

Stay positive. Live.

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