Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take a step to change it. See the difference.

When you are caught in a routine you look for ways to break may be at small levels...short intervals...but you need those small breaks...

I have been away from blogging too long...most of my posts come out of strained disappearances...trying to remind people i exist...

I thought of this many realise and accept if my life has lost the essence of surprise/novelty...if i have nothing going on around thats worth noting or writing down...

Thats not really the case. That cannot be the case. Nobodys life can really remain like a circular loop. It does break.

...and in all honesty...i have concluded that how much ever i crib about my really doesnt stay that much of a routine really...may be...i am always focusing on the "wrong" things...

So as I was these small bursts of "breaks" from routine...there is one conversation i would remember for a long time...something I would not wanna miss out on noting down.

We sat in that smoky place that day.He did not seems weak or ill. Thats the best part about knowing Ravi, he is always full of Life even if he is dead sick ("dead sick" is a bad word to use) and down.
Smoked up, He still managed to imbibe a great deal of positivity that day.
In the smoke I let go of a lot of things I was holding on to for a long time... and came to understand how focusing on the wrong things doesnt help.
"You are where you are because you are not doing anything about it.You are in your present situation because you are staying that way. Take a step to change it. See the difference."

The step has been taken.
In a mind which has 100 thoughts and ideas every 5 mins...The right question has been asked.
The answers might take a while, but I can see the changes already around me.

Thank your friends. Thank more for friends who carry so much positivity with them.

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