Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was asked this question by a friend today...
"tell me...Who are you?"

For the 2 mins of that aimless conversation...i had nothing to he gave me a paper and a pen and said..
"you "write" better than you "think" give you exactly 2 mins...write down anything and everything that comes to your mind..."

And so i wrote the following....I still dont know what the whole point of the exercise was and why am i blogging it...but then...when i read these points again...i can see gaps in myself which i can work on...
  1. A highly over ambitious dude who aims for the best in life without realising sometimes that destiny perhaps too has a role
  2. A moody freak who can have an extreme high or low of life in almost a split second
  3. An fool who doesn't have the patience to accept anything going wrong and has to react even at the cost of losing all respect
  4. An impulsive jerk who sometimes does what is the absolute correct but with absolute wrong timings
  5. A person who lives almost for others and who can go to any extent to make someones day
  6. A heart which gets affected by small things people close to him do wrongly and maybe never realise
  7. A impatient fool who has to have things the "right" way...sometimes...only his way being the only way which is correct
  8. A hopeless romantic who lives in his own dreams
  9. A emotional jerk who is trying to cope with the practical way of living life.
I think everyone should try might just help...

"The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing."
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