Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There are a certain people in your life...whose friendship for you doesnt change over time...
You feel the same warmth of their love every time you meet them...and i love that essence of true friendship!

Have had some really fun days in the past week...Living the life i want to live...grasping that every second i can stay away from what frustrates me and breathing...yess....BREATHING...!!

I realized that their are a very few people in your life...they just stick by you if they really want to...they value you and respect you...and that feeling which you feel when you know people want you to be with them is amazing...!

Somewhere....when you are there....experiencing the just let go...
Just relax...

I cant believe that I have actually become a part of a story about how you should NOT form a friendship...and people take an example of what should be avoided to sustain their friendships...!
Fcuk it!
Take a good look at your fake lives before that people!!

Btw...since i am talking abt friendship...ROCK ON is a must watch!!
Its actually the first movie i have watched TWICE in the multiplex...

I was telling a friend the other day, I actually like some people in college...i am desperate if you may call meet them everyday...atleast say hi...and i genuinely feel that way about them...and its not because they are really close friends or anythin...its something else...
Cant really put a definition to it...
But its there...and its nice...

I look up the sky and wish...
"Let that feeling be..."

How much ever i hate going to college....atleast i have these people to look out for!

The Moment

The moment passes by,
It always does..
And yet,
You see it go.

Feel the moment?
Or, capture it? Or maybe both?
And yet,
You do none.

Shock, is that what it is?
You are suppose, dear,
To shock the world.
And yet.

Don't miss it, please,
If it comes back.
It will,
For YOU.
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