Thursday, August 14, 2008

Self conflict...Broken Glass

I somehow have lost all confidence to handle myself...Things at home are out of my control...people just keep screaming for no reason and i just try to ignore...keep quiet...but it does affect me i knw...somehwre because...there is no one to listen to my side of the story...

You sit down one day and decide that you are going to deliver good...and you stick to it no matter what...
Somehow...Now I am at a stage where i cant find the difference between right and wrong...Of what I am doing will hurt people...should i just move away...stay away...

I want people around....but will they be able to handle me...Coz i might just freak out avoid getting people too attached...

I really dont know what to do with myself...It just seems that whatever i did or the person i was till all being challenged...

There is so much pretence around that it kills me from inside...i wish i could just wake people up and show them the reality...
But i one believes you...Whom do i share the truth with then...
Just keep it inside and keep getting frustrated...

The reason...coz the world doesnt see what you do...they just get carried away by the fake and pretence...

Fucking Self conflict!!
Someone just take me away...

Broken Glass

Look at all that broken glass
Dreams that never came to pass
A word unsaid,
A path untread,
And a host of uncompleted tasks.

Time is cruel, time's a cheat,
Time stays put, time does fleet:
A moment in the past
A lifetime can last,
And a lifetime is lost in momentary heat.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Life goes on, it's life, it must.
But the realms of the mind
Hold memories unkind
Of unkept promises and broken trust.

When summer thus changes to wintertime
Come, my friend to a warmer clime
Cos there's someone who cares
Someone who shares
Your sorrows as well as your happy times.
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