Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The situation is pathetic...I am just watching people with lesser scores getting in amazing colleges...Some through money...some coz they are teh respected and lucky "reserved" candidates [No offence intended :-p]

I am being some what rude to people these days....
and thats only because i want to avoid answering the same lame questions again and again...

"So....what next? You think u will get admission...?? Where are the chances??"
"Why the hell are you leaving your job when you dont have a confirmed seat at MBA ??"
"Why dont you better try next year??"

Damn it...Just two words...B U Z Z OFF!!!
I have more important things and even more troubles and worries to take tension about!

God...!!! How i wish this phase ends fast...someone plz press the FAST FWD button!!!
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