Sunday, March 11, 2007

Maybe someday...

Maybe someday my dreams will come true
and finally in life, I'll know exactly what to do.
Maybe someday I'll find my soulmate
and finally learn the wonders of not needing to hate.
Maybe someday life will go perfectly right
and with no problems, I'll be able to sleep at night.
Maybe someday I'll have children, 5 years apart,
and finally be able to mend the hole in my broken heart.
Maybe someday I'll be 6'2, the perfect height
and I'll be able to fly, my soul on a kite.
Maybe someday, I'll really fall in love
and maybe, with good deeds, I'll reach the angels above.
Maybe someday I'll find a true best friend
and I'll learn that some loves can never end.
Maybe someday, everything I've ever wished for will come true,
but will I truly be happy, will I know what to do?
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