Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There are times in your life when u want to be left alone...Not because you are sad...but just because you want to get away from the "routine"...
I am tired of all the insecurities in life...

Someone told me once..."whats the fun in living a life where you knw whats in store for you tomorrow...its the risk of life that makes it worthliving..."

Maybe 10 yrs frm now i might agree to this....but not now...
Definitely not now...

There are no guarantees
Life throws things at you
You can catch or miss them
But they will come, ready or not

I always looked for the real thing
Never trusting in the possibility
Risk-taking not my forte
Staying safe at all costs

Even playing it safe is not certain
Safe has hurt me
Zero risk gets zero gain
Sometimes playing it safe costs you more

It has me,
In not fighting the battle
you may lose the war
In not believing in a dream
You may never sleep peacefully again

So let go of the fear
Reach out for the flame
So what if you get burned
Better that then numb for life

Better to remember passion and joy
Along with the pain and tears
Then to have no memories worth

So to hell with safe
I am going to gamble and bet
Until I win back everything I lost
And my life is what it was meant to be


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