Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fall In Love...

By Pheonix

The lip is sealed

But the faint smile
And the lowering eyelids
Do give it all away.

Listen, if you have the ears to,
Hear in the clamour of the bangles
The secret behind the glow
The secret she doesnt say.

The spark that sits in her eye
Blushing and gleaming with dreams
The noise of the wind that
In her bouncing hair, does sway.

The fresh colour on her face
The vibrant spring in her step
Makes it all too obvious
It's not just any other day.

Feel the energy that emanates
Feel the positive vibes
Of her infectious exuberence
That'll make u exultant anyway.

She leaves, but her aura doesn't.
Her warmth stays back to haunt
Her unsaid words then lead you to believe
Everyone should fall in love, someday.

One just knows when someone is in love...Do whatever you possibly can...But it just shows on your face...YOU ARE IN LOVE...
And know what...It feels gr8 to knw that YOU are bitten by the bug called love...

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