Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whers my Dancing Partner!!!

I wanted to "copy" this post long back...but it just got delayed...
I found this on Deez's blog ...Loved it soooooooooo much!!!
Read it n lemme knw wat u feel....

Finding a life-partner is just like finding a dance-partner.

You need to look for the same things in both.
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Now let me explain....

The first and the foremost thing is to be in synch. Getting two human beings in synch with each other is probably the most testing of tasks. They have to move together, not necessarily in the same direction, yet always in a rhythm. They may be swinging to their own beats, yet they have to come across a couple who understands each other's rhythm and keeps together.

You have to be close together, yet keep up your space, and respect that of the other. No stepping onto each other's toes!! It's not really welcome.
And if you - by chance - happen to make that mistake, say sorry immediately, and you 'll be forgiven. The dance continues. But if you don't; well next dance will go to - obviously not you!

Now this one's not that important, yet if you both like the same kind of music - soft and light, or foot stamping and loud, or head banging rock - it will definitely give you a better understanding of each other's rhythm.
Even if your tastes don't really match, at least an effort to know the other's will be highly appreciated. And you will receive the gift of the same back.

Then, you need to respect each other's need to take a break, or to keep going on. Once in a while you need to do a little bit extra , coz your partner is so keen to jive on, on this particular number, or adjust a little and take a break with him/her when they are too tired to go on any more.

You need not be a great dancer to rock the floor, just need to get along well with your one partner.
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